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Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle is one of the 1000 Islands premier attractions and vacation spots in Alexandria Bay, NY. In 1900, millionaire Geroge C. Boldt broke ground on this marvelous structure on Heart Island as a tribute to his beloved wife, Louise Boldt. Sadly, she passed away shortly before construction was complete halting construction for over seventy years. The property was acquired in 1977 by the Thousand Island Bridge Authority and seven million dollars later, the structure was restored and has been dazzling visitors ever since.

Singer Castle

The Singer Castle, formerly known as “The Towers,” is an exciting piece of American history and one of the most fascinating landmarks in the 1000 Island area. Located on Dark Island along the St. Lawrence River, the Singer Castle is the only remaining castle on the river to be completed, fully furnished and resided in. Be sure to visit the 4-story, 28-room castle and soak in the rich history.

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse was built in 1827 and is located directly where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River in Northern New York State. It features the only original working Fresnel lens in Lake Ontario. You’ll enjoy using the provided telescope to survey the Lake and River and revel in the history in this nearly 200-year-old lighthouse.
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