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Coyote Moon Winery

Coyote Moon Vineyards began operating in 2009 by the Randazzo family. The wine produced by Coyote Moon is distinct because of the Northern Climate grapevine they use during their production. Northern Climate wines have been incredibly well-received and earned praise across the country. Coyote Moon Vineyards has won over 1,000 awards and accolades from the largest wine competitions, nationwide for their artisan wines.

The Cape Winery

The Cape Winery is one of the newest in the Thousand Islands area. Located near the St. Lawrence River, this unique climate makes for an even more unique grape to produce wine. All of their products are made with home-grown and local produce. They also pride themselves on being environmentally conscious and reducing their carbon footprint. Come enjoy this eco-friendly vineyard and get a taste of the Northern New York wine life.

Thousand Islands Winery

Thousand Island Winery offers a wide variety of cold-hardy grape wines. This popular choice of grape is revered for its ability to survive strenuous weather and still produce some of the nations most excellent wines. Thousand Island Winery has been gaining national recognition for the fantastic wine they produce and have collected 168 awards in the process.
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